how to curl hair with curling iron


Achieving bouncy, beautiful curls is a hair styling dream, and with the right technique, using a curling iron can turn that dream into reality. This detailed guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating flawless curls with a curling iron, from choosing the right tool to finishing touches.

Section 1: Choosing the Right Curling Iron

1.1 Barrel Size

  • Small Barrels (1/2 – 1 inch): Ideal for tight curls and defined waves.
  • Medium Barrels (1 – 1 1/2 inches): Versatile size suitable for most curl types.
  • Large Barrels (1 1/2 inches and above): Perfect for loose waves and beachy curls.

1.2 Material

  • Ceramic: Distributes heat evenly, reduces frizz, and minimizes damage.
  • Tourmaline: Emits negative ions, making hair smoother and shinier.
  • Titanium: Heats up quickly, suitable for thick or coarse hair.

Section 2: Preparing Your Hair

2.1 Wash and Dry

  • Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is naturally straight, consider adding a bit of texture with a texturizing spray or mousse for better hold.

2.2 Heat Protectant

  • Apply a heat protectant spray or serum to shield your hair from the potentially damaging effects of heat styling.

2.3 Comb Through

  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, ensuring smooth and even curls.

Section 3: Techniques for Curling Hair

3.1 Sectioning

  • Divide your hair into manageable sections, usually 1 to 2-inch sections, using clips. This ensures that you curl all of your hair evenly.

3.2 Curling Technique

  • Wrap Around Method:
    • Step 1: Take a small section of hair and hold the curling iron vertically.
    • Step 2: Wrap the hair around the barrel, away from your face, leaving the ends uncurled.
    • Step 3: Hold for 8-12 seconds and release.
  • Clamp Method:
    • Step 1: Clamp a small section of hair near the root, with the ends extending beyond the clamp.
    • Step 2: Wrap the hair around the barrel, away from your face.
    • Step 3: Hold for 8-12 seconds, release the clamp, and slide the iron out.

3.3 Direction of Curls

  • Alternate the direction of your curls for a more natural and voluminous look. Curl some sections away from your face and others towards your face.

3.4 Tousling

  • After curling each section, gently tousle the curls with your fingers to loosen them and create a more relaxed, beachy vibe.

Section 4: Finishing Touches

4.1 Setting the Curls

  • Allow your curls to cool completely before running your fingers through them or applying any styling products. This helps the curls set and last longer.

4.2 Hairspray

  • Lightly mist your curls with a flexible-hold hairspray to ensure they stay in place without feeling stiff.

4.3 Shine Serum

  • Apply a small amount of shine serum to the ends of your curls for added gloss and to tame any frizz.

4.4 Teasing (Optional)

  • For extra volume, gently tease the roots at the crown of your head using a comb or teasing brush.

Section 5: Maintaining Your Curls

5.1 Sleep Techniques

  • To preserve your curls overnight, loosely gather your hair into a high ponytail or bun, securing it with a scrunchie. In the morning, release and tousle for refreshed curls.

5.2 Second-Day Styling

  • Revitalize your curls on the second day by using a bit of dry shampoo at the roots and refreshing the curls with a quick touch-up using the curling iron.


Curling your hair with a curling iron is a skill that improves with practice. Experiment with different techniques, barrel sizes, and styling products to find the perfect combination for your desired look. Whether you’re aiming for tight curls, loose waves, or something in between, this comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge to confidently wield a curling iron and embrace the versatility of beautifully styled curls.